On January 21, 2018 she was rushed into the emergency room of Northwestern hospital in Chicago in a life threatening condition. After several tests the hospital discovered a massive tumor on her pancreas. Soon preparation began to get her body strong enough to perform what they considered as emergency lifesaving surgery as they continued to do more tests. By the end of the week these test revealed that the tumor had become inoperable.

Arnetha Gholston-Habeel

          The family, ever in a state of prayer and faith, is moving toward alternative holistic medicine while they look to relocate her from Northwestern hospital to a rehab and recovery facility.

The Healing Power Of The Crowd

          The family is reaching out to those who know her and have been touched by her love and kind deeds to join the family in believing in and asking for a miracle. They are asking you to lift her up in prayer, we know when prayers go up blessings come down. They are also asking those who have been touched by her to send testimonial letters of thanks and appreciation for what she did for you, telling her how she touched you and others that you know. Please send get well cards, balloons, flowers, etc. to show your support for her miracle. 


Please Send these to:

  • Ms. Arnetha
  • c/o RTW Veteran Center
  • 7415 East End, Suite 120
  • Chicago, Illinois 60649

          Comments of appreciation and best wishes for a speedy recovery can be posted on our Facebook page. Also, you may call and leave voice messages at 1-800-974-2808 or send an e-mail to rtwvetcenter@yahoo.com.

Co-founder of RTW Veteran Center

          She is the co-founder of RTW Veteran Center along with her husband Daniel Habeel, who is a service disabled Vietnam veteran. For years, RTW Veteran Center operated at 5536 South King Drive, across from Washington Park in Chicago. This area was recognized as one of the worst "war zone" neighborhoods in the country at one time. 


          The veteran center became known as a place where you could always get love from a caring heart and a free meal, Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since they began serving free meals in February of 2011 to the homeless veterans and others who were living in the park 365 days a year, the center served over 250,000 meals. Ms. Arnetha worked 18 hour days in the kitchen, inspired by her mother Amanda Gholston who she saw feeding those in need as she grew up as a child. Ms. Arnetha was the primary force that created the center's feeding program. Even now from her hospital bed she is still directing food to be delivered to those in need.

          In 2015 the toll of the toil began to take its effect on her health and she began to experience many health issues. In 2016 one of the main health issues that plagued her was diagnosed as diabetes. In 2017 the clinic where she was being seen labeled her as insulin resistant as they struggled to keep her vitals stabilized with many different types of drugs, often prescribing the maximum dosage. 

A Personal  Message From Her Husband Daniel "Doc" Habeel

          When we met and married in 2007, as a service connected Vietnam Era Veteran my wife pledged to be my care giver as I struggled with the wounds of war. She became my Florence Nightingale, my Angel, and the wind beneath my wings. In the role of the wife of a wounded warrior her heart went out to all wounded warriors. 

Dad and Arnetha.jpg

          The veteran center she helped to create was labeled by one reporter as the "Miracle on 55th Street" and for the many people that received help through its existence she was called the "Mother Theresa" of 55th street. Now my Angel, whose miracle work helped countless others, is in need of a miracle.

          As her new team of doctors met with her this Wednesday and explained the circumstances of her condition, the head doctor said that she had witnessed miracles that defied the medical conclusion and that Ms. Arnetha looked like the perfect candidate for one of these miracles that she had witnessed.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.