Veterans Food Assistance : To make sure no veteran or their family is without available food whether it is a hot meal or food for their home.  Through our “Free Healthy Soup Kitchen” operated at the center we offer free meals 7 days a week three times a day including holidays.

Veterans Housing Assistance: The goal is to eliminate homelessness among veterans in Chicago. Through our housing program we address the needs of emergency, transitional, and permanent housing.  We have an assigned housing placement specialist from Jessie Brown VA Medical Center that visits the center on a regular basis to help place veterans into housing that are registered with the center for services.  We have many other sources that we utilize to refer veterans to that also provide housing.  We are in the process of developing our own housing units to directly provide for our clients housing needs. 


Veterans Free Clothing: To make sure no veteran is without adequate clothing we supply clothing through our free clothing program.

Veterans Training Programs: To set up or refer to other training programs needed by the veteran and their families. We currently are doing training at our King Drive facility in a limited capacity and through a collaborative agreement have outsourced training to an industrial, agricultural, and technical institute. The latest in green technology construction and alternative energy training is being offered. Many veterans need program certification to be able to qualify for immediate employment. These software qualifications are also being offered.

Veterans Memorial PTSD Therapeutic Garden: To assist in the development of the Veterans garden located at the RTW VET CENTER. This garden will bring to life the communities commemorate the communities ethnic history in participating in all of the countries military campaigns that paid for the freedoms we enjoy today. Veterans will be shown how to volunteer in the garden and will be taught how sustainable gardening. The produce will be used to feed the veterans and others through our soup kitchen.